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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Soul Food Meet and Greet: Zorana

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Today we are welcoming Zorana! After you read her interview, be sure and stop by her blog!!!

Tell us about you and your art journey.
I had low grades in art classes in school, and was very embarrassed to even try to paint or draw something. I thought that I have no imagination or natural skills, so I didn’t even try. I didn’t know that with some guidance and encouragement everyone could be creative and enjoy art. After seeing some TV shows, I just had to try… I started with collage and ATC cards. Soon after I found the online mixed media community and never stopped. Now I can’t imagine my life without art and couldn’t be happier than to help others unlock their creativity too.

What are some of the things that nourish your soul? How do you decide what to create - where do your ideas come from?
Being outside, looking at the ocean, hiking through a forest, noticing the tiniest plants, admiring birds… all those things make my soul sing and find their way into my art.

What is one piece of advice that you’d like to share with other artists?
Create even when you don’t feel inspired. Especially then. Just start with a mark or a splash of color and allow the creative energy to show up. It will and it will make you glad that you started.

How do you re-energize yourself or your muse if you have a creative “dry spell”?
I don’t really have dry spells, because whenever you put a pencil to paper something will come out. If I don’t feel like painting a big canvas, I just sketch something that is around me. And even if it is only a doodle, it makes me feel like I expressed something, and made something that wasn’t there before.

How have the “rough spots” in life affected your art?
When I’m sad – I paint images that are sad. When I need tenderness – that is what shows up. Expressing yourself through art is a perfect therapy. Also – it can be the opposite. I might pick the brightest colors and paint the silliest things when I’m sad, and usually it helps to change my mood.

What are some recurring themes/subjects in your work?
Angels and birds. I paint angels when I feel the pull to do so, and sometimes they visit my dreams (the ones that I painted) and somehow comfort me. Birds show up almost daily in my art, and have been for years. I love exploring different mediums and styles, while using the same subject, so I paint them often.

Do you have a signature set of colors?
The answer would be no, not really. I usually use all the colors of the color wheel and then invent some more. Most often I can’t get enough of bold, saturated colors and layers of texture.

What was the nicest compliment you’ve ever received about your work?
I love when I hear that people find my art soulful and that looking at it helps them feel better. I couldn’t imagine a better compliment.

What hangs on your walls? Do you collect work by other artists?
I don’t purchase art pieces often, but when I do it is always because I find a special meaning and connection to them. I have several pieces of my favorite artists on the walls. Also – paintings that my mother and daughter painted. I’m lucky to have a very supportive husband, and that he likes my art. Many of my paintings are on the walls all around our home. At first seeing them made me cringe, but now I’m used to them.

When you’re creating something, how do you decide when it’s finished?
That is a mystery to me. Somehow I just now it’s done… I guess it is when suddenly I don’t feel a need to put even one more brush stroke on it. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I never change my mind. Sometimes I work on “finished” piece months after I thought it was finished. That is the beauty of creating – you don’t really have to finish anything. You can re-write, re-paint something different over it.

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  1. This is a great interview with a wonderful artist whom I admire and love very much! Her techniques are strong, full of power and energy, terrific colors, and oh such gorgeous textures! Her subjects are tender and lovely, soulful, heartfelt and often sweet - all of it combined this makes gorgeous and beautiful art. Love you Zorana - hugs! :-)


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