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Monday, August 22, 2011

Art Journaling

Well, I've debated posting this for over a week now. With the encouragement of blogging buddy, Dana, I'm jumping in. Notice I did not say diving because my attempt is more like a belly flop!

Art journaling - the words intrigue and terrify me. I so badly want to be an artist, but it is not something that was ever encouraged for me. I don't think I really have an eye for it and definitely have no training.  But this art journal... wow... a way to release those thoughts/emotions that I have no words for. Wow. It never occurred to me before I heard those words and it has stirred something deep within. Many times my thoughts are very abstract and I have trouble putting words to them. Writing helps... talking does not. I also have Fibromyalgia... I will spare you the details, but one of the symptoms that is very strong for me is "brain fog" or "fibro fog." I don't think on my feet well. Can't make quick decisions easily. I tend to just shut down under stress or pressure. And the biggest issue... word finding. You know how a word can be on the tip of your tongue but you just can't think of it? That times a thousand. Every sentence, especially when talking to a stranger. Even just mundane words. Most of the time, all I can get is the first letter. Then, I'm playing charades... "you know, that word that starts with 'A'"..."you mean 'and'?"... "YEAH, THAT'S IT!" Yes, it really is that ridiculous. This is why art journaling intrigues me so.

I tend to learn by example. I copy others until I understand and can put my own spin on it. I love Christy Tomlinson's She Art and I really hope I can take her class at some point. She also has an art journaling class I want to take. While my page is a far, far cry from Christy's work, her stuff was in my head, along with a million other people's. (Check out my Pinterest Art and Art Journaling Board.)

Here are some links that have helped me get started.
Dana's Inspirations
Daisy Yellow
Roben Marie
Patter Cross

I've been researching and drooling and wishing for over a month now. I've gessoed over my work twice. It has taken me a week to post. With great fear and trepidation... here it is. Please be gentle. :)

I'm thinking of doing this 30 Days of Lists. I thought it might be helpful to get my art journal some substance without too much thought. I don't need anything hindering me at this point. :)

I want to say a big thanks to Dana for being such an encourager. You have no idea how much! :)

Some of the supplies used include:
Acrylic paints (the cheapo kind)
Stamps from Stretch N' Bubbles, The Craft's Meow, Hero Arts
Random dictionary pages (who uses the actual book anymore?)
Sharpie Marker
Bic Mark It markers
I couldn't leave out my singed flower.