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Monday, January 16, 2012


I've been taking a basic course on drawing faces from the fabulous Tamara Laporte of willowing.org called Fabulous Faces. She does a wonderful job explaining and showing. You can try out one of her free courses called Art, Heart and Healing where in the first lesson she teaches a front facing portrait. You have to sign up for her Ning site, but don't worry, you don't get lots of junk email. It is certainly well worth your time. I have seriously never drawn a face without tracing before August or September of 2011. I can't believe I drew this at all! Makes me excited to practice more to see what else I can learn to do.


  1. This is beautiful, wow, her eyes are so full of expression, love it!!
    You are right to be excited, cannot wait to see the next!!
    lotsa luv

  2. This little girl reminds me of Sam. It's so beautiful. I'm just in awe of how talented you are! Seriously!


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