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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Well, I'm getting my hands dirty and playing in paint... feels good! This piece I did about a month and a half ago. I was thinking about my husband as I worked on this piece... exit now if you are allergic to mushiness...

I'm finding that music really has a strong effect on what I'm working on. I am beginning to find it very important to fit the music to my mood and thoughts. If it doesn't match up... well, I kind of end up with a very disjointed piece. This one was Halo... I just really appreciate my man and really relate to that song. I added the lyrics to the background although I don't think they are legible. :)

So, on I go... trying to get back to play... stop trying so hard... kick the perfectionist out.... just be present today... here and now... just be...


  1. Is it just me...or does this one actually look happy?? ;)

    1. Mark said something similar when he first saw it to, lol.

  2. Beautiful Job....she looks like she has something to say....


  3. She is gorgeous and very soulful!


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