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Monday, August 19, 2013

Soul Food Artist Meet & Greet: Mystele

By now, many of you have heard about the deliciously fabulous upcoming online class called

...if not, read more about it. do not miss out!!

The early bird price is expiring soon...last day = August 31.

Also, if you are able to help someone out with a gift certificate for the class investment, that would be awesome.

We've already had a handful of people say they would love to take the class but simply can't afford it.

(It is priced very, very reasonable for the length and time and content and super stars involved, but the economic crisis has hit some much harder than others. please, pay it forward for someone! Invest in a life.)


Well, today the SOUL FOOD countdown begins with our Monday and Thursday weekly "artist meet and greet".

Be sure to follow the links that accompany each artist's interview to learn more about them and introduce yourself to them as well (and perhaps they will host a SOUL FOOD pass giveaway, but- shhh!- you didn't hear it from me!). Be sure to visit Mystele's blog to enter her giveaway for a spot in the class!!!!

Jeanette, Mystele and I are quite excited to introduce ourselves to you over the next few days, and we are totally over the moon about introducing you to the rest of the SOUL FOOD artists-teachers in the weeks to come before class begins on December 30th!!!

Let's get this party started!

Check out our new class coming December 30, 2013! Join 38 artists over 6 months for a mix of art and craft projects as diverse as the different personal styles of our instructors: cool mixed media techniques, art dolls and other sewing projects, jewelry making, handmade journals, abstract art, portraits, sculpting, works on canvas and in journals. Find out more!

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  1. Hi Heather. Great interview. I haven't seen Mystele in such a long time. Way back then.....Thanks it was very interesting and so Mystele.:)


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