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Monday, October 7, 2013

Soul Food Meet and Greet: Dina Wakley

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Today we are welcoming Dina Wakley! After you read her interview, be sure and stop by her blog and enter her GIVEAWAY!!!

Tell Us About You and Your Art Journey:
I wish I had discovered art earlier in life, but I am so glad that I did find it. I've always been involved in creative pursuits. I started scrapbooking in 1995. That led to stamping, which led to collage, which led to mixed-media, which led to visual journaling. I started art journaling in 2004. I've kept a personal journal since I was nine years old, so art journaling was a very natural transition for me. In fact, if you go back and look at my childhood journals, you'll see drawings and calligraphy, so in a way I have always been art journaling.

One piece of advice to share with other artists:
Give yourself permission to make ugly art. They'll make more paper! Just make art and don't stress about whether it's good or bad. The process of making is so important, and you only get better if you're devoted to it.

What kind of creative patterns, routines, or rituals do you have:
I get up, shower, dry my hair, put on my makeup, and get dressed. Then I go the studio. I find if I go to the studio in pajamas, I don't get much done. But I feel "official" if I am dressed, showered, and ready to work. I always "warm up" before I work, too. I put color on tags, or on journal pages. I goof off artistically and create a mess, create with no agenda. It helps get the creative juices flowing! I'm not a morning person at all, so these things help me move on with my day.

What drives your sense of validation as an artist:
It is great when I get comments and approval from others. I can't deny that feels good and that it helps me feel like "I can do this." However, I do believe that some validation has got to come from within. It can be hard to get there, because we are SO critical of ourselves. Still, for validation to be lasting and fulfilling, it needs to start from within and then radiate out. Think positively about yourself and your art. Don't compare. Put value in the process and not just the finished result. And, I think that what you put in the universe comes back to you, so if you are finding you need some artistic love, try giving some first. Then it will flow back to you.

How have the rough spots in life affected your art:

Because I am a big believer in journaling, I make art through the good and the bad. If I am struggling through something, it definitely shows up in my artwork, mostly through the words that I write on my pages. I do disguise my writing so it's difficult to read, but sometimes I write phrases that pop into my head. The process is so therapeutic for me, and I have filled entire journals working through some of my problems and sadnesses.

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