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Monday, June 30, 2014


If you missed out on Soul Food 2014, the lessons taught by Head Chefs, Mystele, Heather, and Jeanette, are now available in a Slimline potted version of the main class. “Slimline” it may be but there's plenty in this not-so-mini class to fill your muse's belly! Mystele, Heather, and Jeanette taught a total of 17 lessons during Soul Food 2014 and you can enjoy them all here, as well as the delicious cooking recipes they included with their lessons.

This creative feast is offered on a self-paced basis, with no time limit at the table; and all the videos are downloadable. The buffet price: $60 USD [currently approx £35 GBP], and registration is open and ongoing, with the Slimline classroom opening its doors from today. Hop over to Community Thrive and register HERE. We’ll keep a space for you at the table! 

Please note:
Slimline includes the Soul Food class of 2014 lessons by Mystele, Heather, and Jeanette only. It does not include the additional lessons offered by contributing Sous-Chefs.

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