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Monday, June 30, 2014

Begin Again

This is the first new painting I've done (that hasn't been for a project) in six months! It was an unplanned hiatus because we moved in March and the rest of my free time has been spent on our online class Soul Food which we are now offering a pared down version as a self study with only the lessons from Mystele, Jeanette and I.

I started this on a piece of already used watercolor paper. I've been loving tissue paper lately, so I stamped my favorite stamps in my favorite colors on white tissue paper and built up layers from there. I loved it so much that I was hesitant to put any paint on top!

The music in my video below is courtesy of an artist that is from my hometown in Mattoon, IL named Jenna Jackley. She actually is an acquaintance of my daughter which is how I first discovered her. She has played lots of shows in our region, has a great channel on YouTube, and has now moved on to Nashville to make a go of it there. I am so drawn by her sweet spirit and authenticity in her writing and music. Here's an excerpt from her most recent blog post, Passion, Romance and Joy:
"I’m also learning that you don’t have to absolutely love all that you create. You just have to create. Find what makes you feel and create around that. If you don’t know what you love, hate, or what makes you sad, this is impossible. There is nothing wrong with starting there: exploring what makes you thrive and what makes you tick. This transitional period is, in my opinion, the most fun and gratifying part of life!"
Please take a moment to check her out. She has two albums right now, Little Bird and Day by Day. Thank you, Jenna, for letting me use your music!


  1. Hi Heather, I could not believe how many graceful strokes it took to come up with this lovely work. I now have a much better appreciation of your God-given talent. Music is lovely, too. Do not forget my orders for Christmas. BTW, can't help notice your beautiful watch! Gay

    1. Thank you so much, Gay! I do LOVE my watch (as well as the other one you sent)! I've got your orders on my to-do list! :D


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