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Friday, February 1, 2013

29 Faces - Day 1

29 Faces #1
Hi Everyone! This month, I am participating in a challenge called 29 Faces put on by Martha at Ayala Art. The challenge was originally held in February 2012 during the Leap Year. The goal was to create a face each day. It went over so well, that this is the 4th time the challenge is running! Since there's only 28 days this month, I'm posting two for the first day.

I hope to play with some other mediums in the faces I make this month. I'm looking forward to visiting the blogs of other participants to see what they are using. Here, I've used acrylics and Pitt Pens in my normal way. They are on 4 x 4 inch cradled wood panels. I'll be posting videos of these soon.

29 Faces #2
You can learn more about the 29 Faces Challenge HERE. You can find the list of other participants to visit HERE.


  1. Hi Heather. Very nice. Love the colors. I use a lot of pitt pens as well. I joined 29 Faces this year too. Nice to see you.Happy weekend.

  2. I love these ladies!!! Love the magenta hair and all the details ♥

  3. You've made nice faces. I'm also in to the 29 faces challange. That's how I found youre blog.
    Liefs, Melanie

  4. I love these two faces! I'm diggin the mixed media!

  5. You have some beautiful faces happening. I adore the pom pom fringe, it brings back some childhood memories.


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