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Sunday, February 3, 2013

29 Faces Day 3

29 Faces #4
Day 3 and I am ahead... I'm sure that won't last long though. #4 had an awesome background that I intended to keep in the face, but got carried away... I tend to do that. I like how she turned out though. I may do something more to the background and the hair... not quite sure yet. 16 x 20 inches on canvas.

I probably will do a little more to #5. I think she's still "in progress". I am planning to keep the background showing through in her face though. 16 x 20 inches on cradled wood panel.

You can learn more about the 29 Faces Challenge HERE. You can find the list of other participants to visit HERE.
29 Faces #5


  1. I love both of these, very soulful. And I do really like the background showing through the face.

  2. Love them both. I agree, very soulful.

  3. All of your faces are just beautiful! I love your style and that hair -- gorgeous!

  4. Oh, these look great, wow! love them! Second one is my favorite!


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