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Friday, February 17, 2012


6 x 8 inches Mixed Media on cradled wood panel

Just wanted to take a moment to mention that Mystele is opening up a new piece to her ning site called community hubs. She'll be offering free 2 week classes. You can head over there for the details.

I've been quite busy today and have several paintings to share this week. I love productive days like today. We had a work holiday today as my employer observes Lincoln's Birthday rather than President's Day for whatever reason. 

I tried out painting hair in a more detailed way. I think I like it, but I'm still trying to work out the colors. I spend as much time on the hair as I do the rest of the painting, lol.

This background was actually going to be for more she art, but I decided to paint instead.  The background is collaged with sheet music, dictionary pages and some Bible pages. I found the Bible at the dollar store. Can you believe you can buy an entire Bible for a dollar? 

One of the things that I learned from Mystele in Gut Art was to use things in your art that is deeply meaningful to you. There's nothing more meaningful to me than basing a piece of artwork with scripture. So, I was wondering what you all use in your art that really gets you going? Colors, ideas, words, items?

These are up in my Etsy Shop.

8 x 8 inches Mixed Media on canvas panel (1/4 inch deep)

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  1. Love both of these portraits...with their blue & brown palettes and textures of cascading hair!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art
    p.s. I am your newest blog follower!

  2. Fantastic pieces! I love her eyes and the curly auburn hair. The background in the second one is great, how did you do that? It looks as though the flowers are raised

  3. Beautiful portraits!! Love their hair!

  4. that is true for me too, nothing is more meaningful for me than scripture. love these girls! thank you for sharing,
    hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  5. Love the texture in the hair and the excellent colour combinations. Great stuff :)

  6. Great painting.
    Hmm what makes me going.. I'm not sure, it's something in my mind, not really a toucheable thing.

  7. Heather, your portraits are beautiful. Before I read what you had written I noticed the hair and thought: I wonder how she did that. I love the curly hair with all the colors.

    1. I should have used my Wordpress ID, not the blogspot one.

  8. Really beautiful faces,hair and colors. I love all texture.

  9. Very pretty! 'Love the rich colors.

  10. Painting goddess with flowing tresses in rich deep colors and all the texture, just wonderful. Mystele is quite amazing isn't she. xox Corrine

  11. Wonderful paintings! I love the layers in your backgrounds. :)

  12. I've been quite busy she says and then shows off photo after photo of awesome work... you have been fabulously busy would be a better description!!! have another fabulously busy week...xx

  13. I'd say you are becoming quite the master of hair, it looks great. Both these portraits are really beautiful, and the backgrounds add so much with all the layers and colors.

  14. These are both very beautiful. Great eyes and the color is very good.

  15. A very lovely set. I like the textures, colors, composition and features of each girl you created here. nice work.

  16. I love all the textures and colors! Happy PPF just a bit late!!

  17. the second one is fabulous such a perfect mood and tonality melting!love it!
    i got my inspiration from shapes and textures ...nature...


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